I am an associate professor at the department of Economics, Uppsala University and a research fellow at CESifo. I am currenly visiting CEMFI, in Madrid, until April 2022.
I am an applied economist, primarily working in political economy. I am also interested in labor economics and behavioural economics.


Political Fragmentation and Government Stability. Evidence from Local Governments in Spain , February 2021, with F. Carozzi and D. Cipullo, Forthcoming in the AEJ: Applied Economics

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The Price of Inattention: Evidence from the Swedish Housing Market, with A. Solis,
Journal of the European Economic Association Volume 18, Issue 6, December 2020.

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Distributive Politics inside the City? The Political Economy of Spain's Plan E, with F. Carozzi, Regional Science and Urban Economics (75), March 2019, pp. 85-106.

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Political budget cycles with informed voters: evidence from Italy,
The Economic Journal 128 (616), December 2018, pp. 3320-3353.

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Sending the pork home: birth town bias in transfers to Italian municipalities , with F. Carozzi, Journal of Public Economics (134), February 2016, pp. 42-52.

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Working Papers

Testing a large number of hypotheses in approximate factor models, December 2014, with D. Amengual 

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Work in progress

Scars of War: the local legacy of sacrifice across generations of British Soldiers, with F. Carozzi and E. Pinchbeck

Marriage and labor market returns to college enrollment, with B. Ockert and A. Solis

Bypassing the gridlock, with M. Sosa Andres


Political Economics (Master in Economics): 2020.

Econometrics II (PhD) : 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

Econometric Theory (Master in Economics): 2016, 2017.